Our mission is to help people achieve greater balance and wellbeing in their mind, body, and thereby life through inspirational, transformational, and mindful movement practices.
Personalized Programs
Personalized programs and coaching...
  • Core-ective Conditioning - Deal with back and joint stability through specific classes and/or home programs designed to specificially address these issues.
  • Elite Athletes, Yoga and Sports Enthusiasts - Refine your game by improving balance, coordination, motor patterns, deepening core power.
  • Dance and Skating Programs - Spiral into better balance and performance shape with GYROTONIC®.
  • Home and Travel Programs - Check out our personalized A/V solutions to help keep you working out away from the studio or on the road.
  • Equestrian GYROTONIC® Program - Decode your body's subtle movement preferences, and those of your horse. Improve balance and communication with your horse.