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The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is an exercise modality that guides users to simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles while also articulating and mobilizing the joints. Corresponding breathing patterns are engaged during the performance of the exercises, thereby increasing coordination, endurance and aerobic activity, and balancing the body's energy. It is a totally unique system that gently frees and expands one's body and energy beyond the usual way of being. GYROTONIC® HONOLULU features the first GYROTONIC® teacher training site with specialized equipment.
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GYROTONIC® for Everyday Activities
Clients often say that they feel like they've just had a massage after a GYROTONIC® session. This is a unique movement system that gently opens and frees the body beyond where it is used to being. The coordinated breathing patterns keep you connected to the core, and moving from the core. When we cough, we naturally engage the deepest muscles of the core. Similarly, blowing up a balloon can engage the deep abdominals. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® recognizes that the movements we do during everyday activities are circular or spiraling, not linear. We all have dominant spiraling patterns in the body. Bringing these spiral lines into greater balance reduces pressure on joints.
GYROTONIC® Training for Sports Refinement
  • Circular, spiraling, undulating movements address the dynamic nature of sports
  • Balancing the spiraling patterns in the body reduces pressure on joints
  • Strength and flexibility are worked simultaneously for more resilient muscles and joints
  • Upper and lower body moves are powered up by the core, somewhat similar to martial arts
  • The connection to the core with each breath improves energy, balance, power, coordination, efficiency and endurance
GYROTONIC® Teacher Training
Appropriate for Rehab Practitioners, Golf Pros, and Athletic Coaches as well as for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Personal Trainers
GYROTONIC® HONOLUU is the Honolulu site for local pre-training, as well as a host site for visiting Gyrotonic Master Trainers conducting Foundation Level 1 trainings and workshops

In addition to the Pulley Towers, GYROTONIC® HONOLULU has the fullest complement of specialized equipment such as the Jumping Stretching Board and Archway


Jaydene Sniffen is a Certified GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Trainer, authorized to prepare GYROTONIC® enthusiasts for teacher trainings with Master Trainers.